Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Ubuntu : ASP Development

Found XSP is a webserver made in C# to display and run .ASP applications on various platforms which include Linux.

ASP 1.0


sudo apt-get install mono-xsp mono-xsp-base

sudo apt-get install asp.net-examples

Start Server

xsp --root /usr/share/asp.net-demos/

ASP 2.0


sudo apt-get install mono-xsp2 mono-xsp2-base

sudo apt-get install asp.net2-examples

Start Server

xsp2 --root /usr/share/asp.net2-demos/

Once you have started the server for your desired ASP environment, visit http://localhost:8080/

IDE Environments (optional)
Try out the MonoDevelop project. You should be able to install it via this command

sudo apturl apt:monodevelop

MonoDevelop utilizes the xsp and xsp2 web servers as described above.

Apparently you need to have the project compiled with "debug" in order to see "line numbers".

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