Monday, 25 January 2010

Windows Media Player 11 : What a s%^?*hole

WARNING:I'm going to rant...Yes I am going to RANT!!

I have been currently working on a video show reel for a friend and it has gotten to a point where she can actually show someone it's current state. Yet it still a work in progress, I am still over the moon with my new audio and video editing skills even though I have only just begun to scratch the sufarace (getting a basic framework).

She said, "Can I get that burnt onto a CD" so I can show someone, I said, "Sure it should be able play it"... Boy was I wrong!!!

The Drama
I cannot believe how crippled Windows Media player 11 is. I have wasted around 3 cds just to find a suitable video format for "Windows Users" to view it int. I googled around and fount that utilizing the old "Windows Media Player Classic" supports more stuff.

Quick Solution :)
Install VLC

Slow Solution
Convert the video format to "wmv" (with VLC).

Additional Notes
Standard installed Windows Media Player 11 fails to support the following
  • "avi dv" format [Camcorda thingy]
  • "mpeg4" and dvd formats (You need to purchase a plugin?!)
Final Thoughts
I believe this is Microsoft saying, "If you think you so smart using opensource try this one for a laugh..."

Seriously though making Windows users having to pay for a plugin to play a DVD is a joke in my opinon when you can just insert into a standard DVD player. It wouldn't surprise me if the plugin cost the same as a buying a DVD player.

Having to wait an age to convert this mpeg4 into a WMV file is anoyingly slow as I write this entry.

The amount of CD/DVDs I had to trial on just to figure this one out, what a waste of resources.

On the PLUS side, the "wmv" is smaller, yet it's turned the video quality to mush :/

Well I'll be sure to remember this one once after I have found the best video conversion method.
Not forgetting getting used to converting qualities.

Yes yes yes... You can say it... "I assumed".... The mother of all ^"£% ups.

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