Tuesday, 12 January 2010

SharedCookbook : Updated 12/1/2010

Thanks to Reddit.com feedback I knew the layout and content for the front page had to be more inviting.

Screenshot of New Layout

+Front page now has same content as "Home"
+Change the layout of the "Home"
+Added a nice little greeting for guests and users
+Added a Tag Cloud that shows all User's tags

Sorry for such yet another long time in the development cycle also, still juggling with other projects and important mandatory life changing tasks.

I also apologizes for the site for being in "maintenance limbo" yesterday last night. I ran out of Internet credits on my mobile phone whilst updating and discovered, it isn't a good idea updating such a live site via mobile phone anyway... [My bad].

1 comment:

Mark Haworth said...

Hi Paul,

Nice improvement to the homepage. I've been having a go at my personal web. It's in it's very early development stage - but it's a start!
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.