Sunday, 27 September 2009

Vmware vs Virtual Box

I have decided to try out Virtualbox as I keep hearing about better performance and stability. I am also hoping it will be a lot smoother with installation,updates and transporting between different platforms.

I will update this article on my findings.

My Vmware Experiences
I have 2 virtual machines and they are used for testing and distribution purposes.
  • Everytime there is a kernel update, I have to re-compile it.
  • Bit trivial with upgrading for people who are not used to the terminal
  • When transporting a virtual image file to be used in Windows, I have to convert some configs (Think this is common thing).
  • When changing test environments I have to change network settings.
  • Feels like a power hog, can cause some bizarre effect once in a while.
My VirtualBox Experiences
  • More user friendly to install
  • Feels like a light weight
  • Fast
  • Virtual drives are stored straight to [home] folder
  • Dynamically compiles the kernel module :)
  • Ran my unsupported Webcam in XP very fast too :))))
Think I'm in love already.

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