Thursday, 3 September 2009

Sharedcookbook : Update : 3rd Sept 2009

Yup feel more happy with the "Guest System" now.

I must admit I kinda rushed the guest system programming as I was really motivated and happy and wanted to see the system in action ASAP. Yet I knew there was a couple of bugs to fix, so I spent this past couple of days testing on my development server to really be sure I have ironed them out. Thankfully ironed out the important ones, like deleting the guest accounts that have expired.

When I last looked there was 119 accounts out of the 19 more official users, so hopefully the expired accounts would have been deleted along with all the gear like, ingriedients, recipes, menus etc.

-Fixed bug in 'Guest Account System', expired accounts now get purged from database.
-Fixed the loggedAs helper to show language bar again.

Enjoy freely having fun with "Shared Cookbook". The guest accounts expire after 8 hours, or create an account to save your recipes.

Future Improvement Thoughts
Thanks to Redditor's comments and a recent chat to a friend, I have strong belief that these two are a must important.
  1. Friendly Interface, the site still looks rough and needs more friendly feel.
  2. Mobility support, by providing HTML widgets and provide downloadable applications for various mobile phones to get your favourite menu shopping lists saved for offline/online purposes.

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