Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Add Household Items to Shopping List

EXPERIMENTAL IDEA : But you can try it.

How do you add "other" items to your shopping list?

If you click the screenshot on the left, you will see two "other" items. Well I have hacked about a bit and finally thought up a friendly way to do this.

Further Development Required
Ideally I will need to add a switch when creating new recipes, whether it contain a bunch of items or ingredients of edible products.

Also in the shopping list I'd change the column heading "ingredients" to "items". OR I could move the "OTHER ITEMS" away from the ingredients sections altogether and have that in a sperate list on the side possibly.

Just Household Only Shopping List
Create a new menu called, "Household" and then attach it the new housesholds to it.

Since it is an experimental idea and DO NOT want to give any stupid ideas of mixing recipes up with non edible items. I strongly advise that you do not fill in your method with mix instructions.

You can use the method area to explain why such items is your favourite brand possibly.

Where is this Rough Guide?
The instruction with examples are here.

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