Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Planning and Designing

During my naive young years, I rarely planned or designed. I coded to my hearts content lol. I have decided to rectify that. So I have spent a fair time trying various ways of designing more digitally. Also I have an issue with "pencils" and endless amounts of paper being wasted. I used sketch and jot dot down almost anything of an idea.

They all exercise sharing in a social way. Also they are all easy to browse and publish.

Keeping others posted
Any change done, must be able to give everyone a quick overview of changes rather than individual emails.
Online journal or blog, be sure to let everyone know how use RSS feeds

Master Plan
Must have Brainstorm chapter
Must be easily sharable and editable by anyone
Must be colorful (Use key colors to designate important notes/must reads).

Still waiting for MySQL's Workbench for Linux to come out of beta.
DIA (Linux)

One document with many many various layers, each layer represents a different part of the site.

You don't want everyone accidently deleting other's thoughts just because they hate it. More the merrier, pick out the important ones for planning :P
Emails don't forget to use "Reply to all"
blogs or journal addons (Votes and comments)

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