Monday, 11 August 2008

My Dev Environment

Programming / On the fly FTP Editing and Saving / Window Management
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Also there is a sneek peak of my latest project, it is about as close as anyone is going to get. Still early days but viciously expanding, also don't want anyone stealing my idea. Only a few close friends know this project and I trust them fully to not disclose any information without checking in with me first :) Even that scares me lol.

This idea has been in head for absolute years, ever sinces I touched learning PHP. I've only a working prototype to show off a snippet of the system. I am now trying to make it a reality. It is all heavily planned and if all goes well....Well lets not get too big head here, who knows it could fail really :P

I am also thankful I have got my programming interests back, it disappeared on me over a year ago. Long story so I won't explain here. Enjoy the pic :P

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