Monday, 30 November 2009

Netbeans : Show JavaDoc aka API

Been a while since I have fiddled with Netbeans and recently found it amusing forgetting how to show "javadoc" details.... After a little while of fiddling here is how.

Show Javadoc aka API details
  1. Put the text cursor to some highlighted text like "javax.swing" or JTabbedPane variable.
  2. [shift+f1] Shows javadoc

Hopefully you will see a new window showing the API

Oh to add the javadoc
  1. Visit Java Download
  2. Under the heading "Additional Resources" Click "download for Java SE 6 Documentation" (Or what ever latested version and leave it zipped.
  3. Click "Tools->Java Platforms"
  4. Select the "Javadoc" tab
  5. Click "Add ZIP/Folder..."
  6. Browse to the zipped file you recent downloaded and then click ok :)

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