Saturday, 25 July 2009

BurdFrame2 : Minorly Previewed

BurdFrame2 is powering, 'Community Recycling' web application.

The Pickup System is a module and can be re-used for other purposes. It also boasts my first experience coding a drag and drop interface for ease of use.

The technology originally spawned from Sharedcookbook code and was being developed to help an organization create a private social website for their clients. It didn't start maturing until a major tune up of the then code and was AGAIN forked off to create "Community Recycling" project. I then decided to call my technology that I seem to keep reusing, "BurdFrame2".

So now I have the power to make various other fun web services/applications on the fly with not much fuss for myself.

Previewed Features
User Management
Backup System
Module System


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