Sunday, 29 March 2009

One Project at a Time

Going to share my thoughts about ethical designing here that I have to come to like....

SharedCookbook updates has been slowed down to halt for some time now, heres why.

Since moving into a flat with no Internet access and gaining a couple of volunteer opportunities that I have started to actively work on. These two projects I am working, will hopefully aid the public sector, touch wood. I won't say anymore than that.

Since there is only one of me, and I have taken on this rule when a project starts to speed up, learnt this from 'Valve Software Corporation'...

"One Project at a Time"
I don't like chopping and changing projects especially when I am on good developing speed. It's all about keeping the brain thinking on the right track and getting through a mess of tracks.

Don't Rush
I don't like to rush things either, having to rush something out and seeing it running on 3 legs is a horrific sight to witness.
If you want it to work properly and see things go smoother, 'Don't rush into things until you have planned and thought things through'. This goes for developing as well as real life situations.
Unless it's an emergency, like the server is down or you lost your keys.

Make Coding less of a headache and more enjoyable
Oh and here is a sneak peak of a project I am currently working on. You can see I listen to music whilst I code :P Trust me that helps quite regularly, keeps the brain churning as peacefully as possiblily during coding.

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